Hong Kong IMO TST1

I know, I know, it is a little bit too late to post, but since I forgot to post on this blog, I will hopefully restart and I chose this topic.

Before the actual TST

So I have been on F.3 this year, and I luckily joined the training for IMO. So what happened is that I studied the whole summer, and finally finished the Phase 1 IMO training.

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School Life

I want to talk about my school.

I was never so well in my school. Starting from Primary 3, there was some teachers that extremely hated me, or rather “against” me a lot. Maybe it’s because I always asked them questions and they didn’t know how to answer it whatsoever. But my point is, there’s always some teacher that doesn’t like me a lot – Not necessarily hated me, but just, didn’t go really well with me. I personally felt like nothing about those teachers, however it’s still very hard to communicate with them.

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Hi everyone 😀

So I’m a little boy studying in Hong Kong. I’m right now at grade 7, or form 1 in Hong Kong, and its great! There’s a lot of new stuff that I saw in here and its fantastic.

As you may know, I love maths. I started studying “harder” maths at grade 6, and it literally is getting harder exponetially. Luckily I have some friends after I went in middle school (website links below ;D) and they are all very kind (well…) and taught me a lot of new stuff! I also need to thanks all the teachers that helped me. Without them I wouldn’t even have this blog now! 😀

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